A bit of explanation…

The concept is simple, in a complicated way..

To start with, the world is essentially destroyed (more on that later), and the humans that are left are expected to be killed on sight. The earth, a dusty, demolished shadow of its former glory, is now ruled by animals, specifically by a subset of animals called the Woodlanders.

The Woodlanders are followers of the Intergalactic Rabbits who have the unique ability to find and psychically manipulate the remaining sources of water in the world. Once they find water they start a Grove (a combination chapel/greenhouse). Under the influence of their psychic abilities the Grove will rapidly grow into a forest-city.

The towns that spring up around these newly discovered sources of water are called Dog Towns. The moniker is reflective of an earlier time when only dogs were willing to venture into the unsafe zones where violent tribes of cats roam.

The Woodlanders and Intergalactic Rabbits are governed by the Prime, a Pope-like earth rabbit, who lives at the center of the world’s largest water source in the capital forest-city.

More background to come…

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