Pitch Perfect

pig_positivity_pitchWoodlanders fall into several sects.  The largest and most popular sect is the New Worlders. The next largest groups are the Foresters, Cleansers and Baptists.  The least popular sect is the Positivists due to a falling out with the Prime a hundred years ago.

Dr. Mon Massey made great strides in mending the riff between the Positivists and the other Woodlanders with his landmark remaking of the Positivist Theology in “The Nine Steps to Positivity”.  Dr. Mon Massey even achieved the status of Woodlander Excelsior, only three tiers below the Prime himself.

Since the publication of his nine volume series, hundreds of animals have joined the Positivist movement.  This movement is fully of highly zealous animals, eager to help others live a life of positivity.

Positivists have spread around all inhabitable areas spreading the positive news, as well as seeking what they call the “Great Hope,” an undefined person, place or thing that they believe is the ultimate source of positivity in the universe.

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