The Gang’s All Here

Meet Lenny, Benny, Mittens and Bobo.

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Knock Out


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The advanced animals in this story use fuse guns.  The less advanced animals (i.e. cats) use bows, arrows, knives and good old fashioned teeth and claws to fight.  A fuse gun is technology in which water particles in the air are concentrated and forced out of the gun at an extremely high velocity.  The effect is like that of a laser.  This technology was developed by the Woodlanders as they studied and learned the physics by which rabbits could manipulate water.

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Calico Chieftain


This is a Calico Tribe chieftain.  Tribes will normally have one chief and two or three elders who govern the tribe.  Power in a cat tribe is almost always being challenged by up and coming warriors.  It is rare that a chieftain will maintain power for more than a few years.  This chief is named Proud Claw.

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Creepy Kitty


Cats in the Black Kitty Tribe often use human bones as armor.  Also, though they tend to migratory by nature, these cats will often stay in human cities for months at a time.

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Cat Counsel


Despite having the physical ability to speak as humans, cats opt to speak in their native animal language.  They communicate entirely through “meows” and purrs.  It is believed that cats have always resisted being human-like, which is why they retain so much of their pre-awakening characteristics.

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Chapter 1 Heading


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Fur is Flying


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How The West Was Done


Done at last, done at last, thank God Almighty I’m done at last!  Just in time to head up to San Fran for APE with my publishing pal Russ.  I’ll post pages, panels, and give tidbits of back story on this blog to fill in some of the gaps.  If you’re interested in purchasing one, you can order one directly from Lulu, or just ask me.  (If I know you, I’ll give you the friend discount).  Enjoy!

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