I Need A Smoke

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This Sheriff Means Business

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Rusty’s a bit frustrated.

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Take That, Fish!

I’m most of the way done pencilling Dog Town II.  I’ll be posting a few snippets of the pencils as I finish it up.  Pardon the low quality.  I’m snapping these with my iPhone until I have enough time to scan.

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Nice Bit of Dialogue


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The Forbidden Zone


No post-apocalyptic story is complete without a forbidden zone.  Mine is Toronto.  Although, the animals know it as Torontos.  This is mainly due to a translation error from an ancient human map.

As you may have noticed the scenery in Canada has changed substantially after the cataclysm.  Once the water was displaced and the wars were finished, the majority of the world resembled a desert.

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Knock Out


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Chapter 3 Heading


Here Rusty poses the theological controversy that split the First Ones Council c. 85 Post-Cataclysm.  There was no doubt that God sent the cataclysm to punish mankind.  After all, First Ones concluded, it was a single man who created the cataclysm.  (They know because most of them were there and witnessed it.)  But, did God allow the cataclysm to nearly destroy the world in an effort to introduce a new world hierarchy, or just let man know that he went too far?  Was it simply punishment or the first act in recreating the world?

Those animals who believed God had intended the world to be recreated (New Worlders) opted to finish the work God started and wipe the rest of mankind from the earth.  Those against it (Positivists) saw the world rebuilding back to its former glory. The New Worlders argued that earth could never return to its former state because animals were now conscious beings and humans would never allow equality.  A return of the earth to a former state, in their minds, meant animal enslavement.  The Positivists  argued that if God really did favor animals over man then he would have completely eliminated humankind himself and left the earth in a more livable state.

The New Worlders won based on the argument that God had summoned the Outer Rabbits from beyond earth as his agents to stop the cataclysm and recreate the world.  Thus the Prime issued a new edict that resulted in the Cleansing–the total annihilation of man.

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Chapter 2 Heading


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Back Cover Close-Up


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