Irate Fish

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Bad News Bird

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Behold! The Future!

Everyone listen to the gorilla with the spirit of a psychic madam trapped in a crystal ball on it’s head.

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Rusty’s a bit frustrated.

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A Pig And His Boy

Roger has made a new friend.

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Take That, Fish!

I’m most of the way done pencilling Dog Town II.  I’ll be posting a few snippets of the pencils as I finish it up.  Pardon the low quality.  I’m snapping these with my iPhone until I have enough time to scan.

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Dog Town II: Coming… Sometime


The second part of Dog Town is scoped out, written and being drawn.  I swear.  It’s just I’m a bit distracted trying to finish up some other comics at the moment.  However, I do intend to have Dog Town II done by October.  Just in time for APE.  This is the first page of Chapter 4: “Calamity is a Comin'”.  The next three chapters will delve into Sheriff Rusty’s past, reveal a bit more about the wolf who lives in Devil’s Canyon, and introduce you to a prophetic ape who wears a crystal ball on it’s head.  Good stuff.  However, the mystery of who the little boy is and why he’s even around won’t be answered until book three, so stay tuned…

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Nice Bit of Dialogue


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Through the Fish Bowl



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A Positive First Step


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